The 2018 NZ International Comedy Festival is fast approaching, with opening night only 10 days away and we have your guide to all the shows that include LGBTIQ+ identifying performers you can check out and support this funny season.

James Malcolm – Fameless

All James Malcolm wants in life is to become a C-List NZ celebrity and receive the adoration he’s always felt he deserves… the only problem is that he’s the exact opposite of famous.

Gazing in from the cusp of celebrity culture, James leans into controversy with explicitly detailed stories of his sex life, awkward celebrity encounters and going viral for not recognising one.

2016 and 2018 Billy T Award Nominee

“Malcolm is a rising star on New Zealand’s stand-up comedy circuit” – The Independent, UK

James Mustapic – Mildly Wild

Exploring the inner mind of an anxious introvert, James Mustapic (Shorty Street Scandal, Repressed Memories) is looking for the wild and dangerous side hidden deep in his personality.

Putting aside his shy and timid temperament to become the confident and exhilarant performer he’s always wanted to be, James is determined to set his wild side free. Strap in for an hour of turmoil, hilarity, and maybe a breakdown, because you’re in for a Mildy Wild time.

2016 Raw Comedy Quest Finalist and 2017 Best Newcomer Finalist

“Awkwardly charming and refreshingly self-deprecating.” – The Speakeasy

Ray Shipley – He & She

Ray Shipley (Highly Commended, 2017 RAW Comedy Quest, Breakout Performer of the Year, Christchurch Comedy Awards 2017) has long been overwhelmed by what to say at parties, choices in the toothbrush aisle, gender identity, death. You know, the small stuff.

Then He & She, a 1950’s relationship advice book for teenagers, put it all into perspective. Ray passes on these wise gems of sage enlightenment to you in their debut show – an hour full of laughs, advice, heartbreak and stories of living a He & She kind of life.

“Certainly the most original comedian I’ve seen in a long time” – Brendhan Lovegrove

Urzila Carlson – Loser

Loser is almost always negative, I’ve lost my keys, a relative, my mind, money, dignity… it’s only positive when you lose some weight. WHY? If you meet someone awesome would you not want there to be more of them? Why can your friends not see your fatness but your family and doctor can see nothing but your fatness? Why is losing so hard? The truth is, we’re all losers in some form and at some point the worst thing will happen. Our rock bottom. Are you prepared? Get ready losers, let’s tackle our failures, what’s the worst that can happen?

“Belly laughs and guffaws aplenty” ★★★★★ – The Music

“Effortlessly likeable.. stream of belly-laughs – The Age

Eli Matthewson – An Inconvenient Poof

It’s been 10 years since Eli was made Environment Prefect at high school, and it’s hard to believe he still hasn’t saved the world. In fact… he’s starting to worry he’s made it worse.

When everything in the world seems terrible can this one Inconvenient Poof make a difference? A cutting new hour from one of NZ’s best young comedians.

Fred Award (Best NZ Show) Finalist 2017

“Nails every punchline” – NZ Herald

Rhys Nicholson – Seminal

Barry Award Nominee Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016

ARIA Award Nominee Best Comedy Release 2017

“Nicholson is one of the most remarkable talents on the national stand-up circuit”★★★★ – Sydney Morning Herald

“It’s not all about sex” ★★★★ – The Age, AUS

Molly Sokhom & Neil Thornton – Hangry Americans: Extra Spicy

Hungry + Angry = Hangry. American expat comedians Molly Sokhom and Neil Thornton bring you a night of no-fries-left-behind comedy.

Exploring the intersection of food and fury, they confuse carbs with love and hunger with boredom. They show you how to eat your angst, with a combination of stand-up comedy and a chaotic interactive cooking show.

Expect mayhem and high blood sugar.

“If Doritos came in the flavour of Sokhom and Thornton, I’d eat a bag a day.” – Art Murmurs

Leon Wadham – Giddy

Giddy is summer. Giddy is cool. Giddy is like falling down the stairs, but sexy. Giddy is embodied, existential, excruciating sketch comedy that asks: is this it? Am I garbage? Is it too late to become a better person?

A free-associative treat/revue/party/disaster from local worry Leon Wadham (Milky Bits, handsome, amazing eyes).

“Some of the most uproarious laughter this reviewer has heard in a theatre” – Theatreview

“I loved every stupid second” – Theatrescenes

Chris Parker – Camp Binch

Well, the cat is out of the closet!

Chris Parker’s CAMP BINCH is going to be all blokes, brews and banter (Gays, Fanta and deeply personal yet hilarious anecdotes about trying to fit into NZ’s narrow conception of “masculinity”). It’s Kiwi as bro!

Off the back of sell-out seasons of D.O.C-ing, Camping and No More Dancing in the Good Room, Chris returns with a show inspired by his countless experiences of not fitting in… and being a real chick magnet.

2015 Best Newcomer – NZ International Comedy Festival

Savanna Calton – Resting B*tch Face

Resting B*tch Face is a classic taste of sarcastic NZ humour written and performed by the delightfully bogan Savanna Calton.

An unfiltered show of shameless stories, all whilst Calton wonders why everyone’s always asking her to f***ing smile.

Winner – Raw Comedy Quest 2015

“[Savanna is] Not only the future of NZ comedy but, more importantly, the present.” – Ben Hurley

Larry Dean – Fandan

Amused Moose Comedy Award winner (EdFringe) and Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee 2015, Larry Dean (SCO) makes his Auckland debut with his brand new hour of “Hysterical” (Herald Sun) comedy following his world stand-up tour and appearances on The Melbourne Comedy Allstars Gala 2016 & 2017.

“A brilliantly entertaining work of comedy” ★★★★1⁄2 – TheatrePeople

“Confessional story-telling at its funniest…comedy gold” ★★★★★ – The Herald

Fan Brigade – Feminazi B*tches

Even before strangers online started telling them to f*ck themselves to death, their lives were filled with mystery.

The Fan Brigade won Best Newcomer NZICF 2016 for their debut and sold- out show Ask the Fan Brigade and smashed a second sold-out season in 2017 with the hit sequel Don’t Ask the Fan Brigade.

Their third show Feminazi B*tches brings more of their brilliant musical comedy hits, and a bit about life before death threats.

As seen on THREE’s 2017 Flick Electric Co. Comedy Gala, The Project, AotearoHa, and 7 Days.

Tom Sainsbury – Self Helped

Tom Sainsbury (Paula Bennett’s nemesis) takes you on a spiritual journey to reach your full potential. Tony Robbins, eat yer heart out. Oprah Winfrey, get the hell outta here. Tom will inspire and motivate with tales of his life badly lived. There’ll be stand up, there’ll be skits, there’ll be walking on hot coals* (*permit pending).

“Tom’s astute observations on politics, social media and life in New Zealand are hilarious.” – Viva Magazine

“A sharp wit.” – NZ Herald

Roman Ratcliffe, Lucy Forrestal & Tui Christie – We Still Live With Our Parents

Featuring 2017 Class Comedian graduates Lucy Forrestal (2017 Wellington Comedy Awards Best Newcomer Nominee), Tui Christie and Roman Ratcliff, We Still Live With Our Parents is a totally tubular hour of comedic awkwardness that will transport you to the wicked 80s and all the way back to 2018, with a few stops in between.They weren’t alive in the 80s, but their hair, clothing and all-round suburban outlook on life begs to differ (minus the racist parts, of course).

Chris Parker & Tom Sainsbury – Giggly Geties

Parker and Sainsbury are putting the anal in banal this Comedy Festival. Chris Parker (the tall one) and Tom Sainsbury (the Snapchat one) take you on a merry journey through the underbelly of New Zealand society. Kiwis of all shapes’n’sizes will be gleefully lampooned in a tornado of sketches.

This is a new creation from the brains behind hit shows Camping and Performed at the unruly time of 10pm, Parker and Sainsbury are relentless in the endeavour to bring you a gay old time.

“The fact these two aren’t already stars is perhaps the most savage indictment on our eco-system you could hope to find.” – Duncan Greive, The Spinoff

Uther Dean – My Fat/Sad

Uther Dean is fat and sad and you can be too! From eating your feelings to feeling your eatings, this deliciously dark hour of stand-up covers every stretch mark on the modern body and mind.

A 2017 Raw Comedy Quest national finalist and critically acclaimed playwright, Uther is one of the country’s most exciting new comedians.

People say that you should laugh or else you’ll cry. This show asks: why not both?

Snort With Friends

Auckland’s favourite comedy improv troupe SNORT returns with some special guests to create comedy chaos in Snort With Friends. Cheeky, topical, and relentlessly silly, this is an hour packed with high-energy, fast-paced scenes (made up on the spot!).

Featuring your favourite local comedians including: Rose Matafeo, Laura Daniel, Alice Snedden, Guy Montgomery, Eli Matthewson, Chris Parker, Nic Sampson, Donna Brookbanks, Joseph Moore, Rhiannon McCall, Kura Forrester, Hamish Parkinson, and Eddy Dever.

“Playful yet pointed, ruthlessly clever but never cruel, SNORT creates the delightful sensation that you’ve slipped and fallen deep into the hive mind of Auckland’s best comedic talent.” – Pantograph Punch

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