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Thank you for supporting OutLine. Whether you want to make a one-off donation, organise a fundraiser, or give regular amounts, this page will help you find an option that suits.

If you want to donate money right now, you can use our secure Raisely web app:

Other ways to donate right now:

You are entitled to a tax deduction if you have a receipt for your donation. To get a receipt, contact us after you donate with your first and last names, your email address and how much you donated.

We welcome any donation you can afford: $2, $10, $20, $50, $100, $1000, or more. You can read more on this page about:

  • giving once
  • giving regularly
  • organising a fundraiser
  • arranging to give later
  • spreading the word about OutLine and getting creative on our behalf

Help us, help others

Along with OutLine’s real work of being there for people in crisis, we struggle hard to pay for a national free service to LGBTIQ+, their families and their allies in the community. Every call costs our callers some deep emotions… and costs OutLine to fund.

OutLine has a fundraising strategy to apply to some of the country’s biggest donors and engage with the business sector to meet our running expenses. But there are two great reasons why donations from amazing individuals makes a huge difference for OutLine:

  • OutLine is proudly a ‘people’ centred organisation, so support from individuals or families is worth as much as the dollar value of the donation: you are giving us encouragement
  • Diversity and honest acceptance make communities stronger. If, like we do, you believe hate, fear and stigma harm families and neighbourhoods as well as LGBTIQ+ people, your donation is a direct practical way to stand up for your belief.

Who gets your donation: OutLine’s legal details

Our official name is OUTLINE AOTEAROA INCORPORATED. OutLine is an incorporated society, and a registered charity so we have to make annual returns and update our information on the Department of Internal Affairs Charities Services website. Our registration number is CC29680.

OutLine banks with ANZ Bank
Name of Account: Outline New Zealand
Account Number: 01-0249-0178488-00

Making a regular donation

Regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly donations give OutLine a real cash-flow boost. There are four easy ways:

  • sign up to One Per Cent Collective, which makes it super easy to regularly give little amounts;
  • set up an automatic payment to our bank account 01 0249 0178488 00 in the amount and frequency that suits you best;
  • set up weekly or monthly payments on our Raisely site;
  • talk to your work payroll administrator about the payroll giving scheme

Employees now have a great way to donate regularly to OutLine through your work payroll.  There is a system for employees to get money deducted from their pay to the employee’s chosen charity.  Under the payroll giving scheme employees can claim one-third of every dollar they donate – businesses can claim 100% – up to the value of their total income (previously the maximum was $630) (Dominion Post, July 3, 2010).  This is a fantastic way to give regularly to OutLine.

One Percent Collective – regular giving made easy

OutLine has partnered with One Percent Collective, which makes it super easy to regularly give little amounts to the causes you care about.

One Percent Collective has been inspiring generosity and simplifying regular giving since 2012. Their subscription-inspired model allows you to donate to one or more of 16 trusted partner charities with one simple signup. Give as much as you like, as often as you like. It’s quick, easy, and you’re a part of something bigger.

When you give to OutLine with One Percent Collective, every cent donated lands in our bank account – they don’t take a cut because they’re a charity too. We get 100% of donated funds with no strings attached and One Percent Collective handles all the admin. They even make it easy to claim a 33% rebate on your donations to OutLine at tax time.

Sign up to One Percent Collective here.

One Percent Collective encourages regular giving, but not everybody can be confident about their own future income. If you can give today but you’re not so sure about tomorrow, any donation is appreciated. Make a one-off donation through One Percent Collective here.

Raisely – give now or start your own fundraiser

OutLine’s fundraising page on the Raisely platform has multiple options for giving. You can choose to give now with a credit or debit card, or even choose to make regular weekly or monthly donations.

If you have a passion for supporting rainbow mental health and want to do even more, Raisely provides a platform to set up your own fundraising project to support OutLine. Create a fundraiser, tell all your friends and whānau, and share your goals and updates on social media.

This is a great option for workplaces and groups looking to support OutLine. Not only will you help us raise funds, you’ll also raise awareness of OutLine and the issues facing Aotearoa’s rainbow communities.

Learn more and sign up to start fundraising now.

Givealittle – diversify your generosity

OutLine has a fundraising page on the Givealittle website, where you can donate using a credit card or debit card.

From OutLine’s Givealittle page you can make a one-off donation to OutLine, or link us with your own personal OutLine fundraising campaign. Or just ask everyone you know to check out OutLine’s Givealittle page and, well, give a little.

Remembering OutLine in your will

If you want to support OutLine and now is not the right time to make a donation, think about including a gift to OutLine in your will.

How you support anyone or any organisation in your will is your private business. You are welcome to discuss with us confidentially anything about leaving OutLine a gift in your will, but that’s up to you. We want to be clear that OutLine is deeply honoured by every personal gift, and especially those given by a will.

We can provide you with any information about OutLine you might need for your will. The most important information is our legal name and registration details, at the top of this page.

If you do not have a will and want some basic impartial information, the Citizens Advice Bureau has a useful guide. The New Zealand Law Society has a much more detailed guide to download. A lawyer or other will expert helping you will explain the different ways you can support OutLine with a gift in your will. They can also discuss with you the consequences of placing restrictions on a gift in your will.

We see a gift in a will as a legacy where part of you can keep working towards a world where diversity is treasured and where all people live free from fear, discrimination and violence. Your privacy is important to us. However if you are comfortable telling us , we want to do our best to honour your gift by knowing a bit more about you and your dreams for a better world.

Whatever your situation, now is a good time to get started

There are other ways to help OutLine meet the costs of providing our service. We encourage you to be creative with your skills, opportunities and networks to make a difference to our work.

All donations to OutLine are tax deductible.