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About Us

Founded in 1975, OutLine Aotearoa is an all-ages Rainbow mental health organisation that provides support throughout Aotearoa to Takatāpui, MVPFAFF+ and Rainbow communities, their friends, whānau, and those questioning.

We offer a nationwide, free and confidential support line and online chat support service between 6pm-9pm every day.

We also provide peer support for trans and non-binary people in Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland, and for conversion practices survivors throughout Aotearoa.

For the better part of a decade, OutLine Aotearoa has also been providing Rainbow specialist counselling services. This service is currently on pause while we undertake work to transform the way we provide counselling to our communities.  

Call us on 0800 OUTLINE (0800 688 5463) any evening between 6pm and 9pm to talk to a trained volunteer from Aotearoa’s LGBTQIA+ communities. It’s free and confidential. Some of the topics people call to talk about include family relationships, loneliness and isolation, sexuality and gender identity, sexual health, navigating gender-affirming healthcare and meeting people.

Our support line and online chat services are answered by volunteers from Aotearoa’s Rainbow communities who have been trained to help others on issues around sexual orientation and gender identity. Currently the organisation has around 50 volunteers who have all undertaken ongoing training and supervision.

Our objectives

To support, affirm and advance the Aotearoa New Zealand Rainbow communities* to achieve successful outcomes by;

  • providing programmes which cater for social, educational and emotional needs
  • advocating for social, cultural and legal rights
  • nurturing and providing resources to meet community aspirations

* We use “Rainbow” as an umbrella term to describe people whose sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or sex characteristics differ from majority, binary norms. This includes people who identify with terms like takatāpui, lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersex, transgender, queer, non-binary or fa’afafine, as well as people who don’t use specific words for their identity, people whose identity changes over time, and people who are in the process of understanding their own identity and may not have ‘come out’ to themselves or others.